In Vitro Fertilization

What is In-vitro Fertilization(IVF)

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is a widely recognized and successful assisted reproductive technology. It involves the fertilization of egg with sperm in a laboratory setting, outside of the body. This process allows us to carefully monitor embryo development before transferring a healthy embryo into the uterus, increasing the chances of successful pregnancy.

Why IVF is Done

It can be due to underlying conditions in either the female or male partner, or both. Some conditions for which IVF is recommended are as follows

Damage/blockage in the fallopian tube
Fallopian tube is the location where fertilisation takes place in the female anatomy. A damage or blockage here would mean that the mature egg isn’t able to follow the course of journey through the fallopian tube and of the fertilised product, embryo, into the uterus.
Ovulation disorders
Ovulation is the phenomenon when a mature egg exits the ovary, ready to be fertilised by a sperm. Disorders related to ovulation would mean the absence of an egg during the fertile period hence, no embryo is formed naturally. This is a reason for infertility.
Impaired sperm production or function
Sperm is the male gamete and a compromise in its quality and/or decrease in its quantity is a cause of infertility in men. If the number of sperms is less or their functionality is not optimal, fertilisation cannot take place and hence, being a reason for infertility in men.
Uterine fibroids
These are non-cancerous tumours that grow in the uterus of females of childbearing age. They can be found be in varied sizes and in different parts of the uterus. Higher levels of hormones oestrogen and progesterone can cause these growths. They increase the risk of pregnancy loss, and are a contributor to infertility in women.
Old Maternal Age
The reproductive window in females spans the duration of menarche (the start of menstruation) to menopause (the cessation of menses). As one ages, and especially after the age of 35, fertility significantly decreases. This is because the quality and quantity of the eggs contained in the ovaries decreases

Our IVF Process

Our IVF process is designed to be easy and stress-free while providing the best possible results. Our team of experienced fertility specialists will guide you through each step of the treatment, providing personalized care along the way. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Let's clear some of your doubts,you can also contact us today to schedule a consultation and discuss your specific questions and concerns about IVF.

For most patients, IVF is not painful. While discomfort during certain stages of IVF is possible, anesthesia is used during egg retrieval to minimize any pain. We are also with your in throughout the journey

The number of embryos transferred depends on various factors, including the woman's age, embryo quality, and previous IVF outcomes. In some cases, single embryo transfer (SET) may be recommended to reduce the risk of multiple pregnancies.

The duration from the first consultation to the administration of drugs can take a duration of a week to 10 days. Thereafter, the medication continues for two weeks till ovum pickup is performed. Embryos are allowed to develop till the blastocyst stage. It is then implanted in the uterus.

IVF has been a successful and safe fertility treatment option for many couples, resulting in the birth of healthy babies. Advances in reproductive technologies and genetic testing have further improved the ability to minimize the risk of genetic defects and enhance the chances of successful pregnancies.

IVF success rates can vary based on factors such as age, reproductive history, and underlying fertility issues.

In some IVF cycles, more than one embryo may be transferred inside the uterus to increase the chances of a pregnancy. If multiple embryos get implanted and develop, this leads to a multifetal pregnancy.

The cost of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) can vary significantly depending on various factors, e.g the specific services included in the treatment package. It's essential to note that the cost of IVF is an investment in your fertility journey

After an IVF cycle, a pregnancy test will be performed, and you will be advised to take care of yourself while waiting for the results. Our team will provide post-cycle support and guidance.

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